One minute your father is dancing at a black tie function and a week later he is in the hospital preparing to be sent to hospice. It is that week of confusion, fear, frustration, and sadness I will never forget. Honestly, what got us through this difficult time was Mary Jo. She provided the clarity we needed when there was so much conflicting medical information thrown at us. Because of her knowledge and experience with doctors, nurses, and medicine in general, she was able to sort through the information, talk to the appropriate people, and present the pertinent facts and options – allowing us to make tough decisions with confidence. This was only the beginning of what proved to be an invaluable service: evaluation and recommendations of assisted living facilities and help with a smooth transition into the facility, interviewing, consulting, and even training the facility staff on a weekly and even daily basis, and in general making sure our father was getting the care needed and deserved. As I reflect back on those difficult months, one thing is crystal clear – Mary Jo’s untiring efforts on our father’s behalf gave us the peace of mind that proved so comforting in an otherwise extremely difficult time.
Deb, AZ
Thank goodness for “Nurse Beardsley” who has been my interpreter through all the medical jargon. Everyone should have an advocate like her if and when you find yourself in the hospital maze.
After two trips to the ER with serious back pain, my mother was weak and disoriented. Mary Jo was kind enough to come with us to the ER and we were processed through to a bed on a medical floor in no time. At this time mother was diagnosed and treated in the manner in which she should have been before. In 2 days she was home and mending. We would never have gotten the results we needed if Mary Jo had not been with us and used her vast medical knowledge and experience to help us out.
Nancy, MT
My father passed away this past Fall and I am still struggling through mourning his loss as well as managing paperwork involved with his death. You literally lifted the load off my shoulders of the dreaded task of going through the endless piles of my father’s mail by reviewing medical bills, helping me to understand insurance policies/benefits and determining payment direction. Thank you again, you are truly a God send.
Edward, AZ
I find myself telling everyone how lucky we were to have Peace of Mind PHCA watching over our father to the very end. How you never let him feel uncomfortable or afraid or alone. How you humored him and prayed with him. How you stayed with him through the night so he knew his family was with him. What a blessing you were for us and for him.
Linda, CT
My daughter had a terrible pneumonia and spent 10 days in the intensive care unit of a hospital 60 miles away. With 5 young children at home, her father and I had all we could do to take care of them. When you came and spent time at the hospital with my daughter and monitored her care, it gave us such peace of mind. I honestly do not know what we would have done if we had not had you there to help us.
Bernice, IN
After hearing of one of my close friend’s experience with an unnecessary hospital stay, a complicated slew of testing and an outrageous medical bill, I decided to look into finding someone to help me with my medical decisions. I was referred to Peace of Mind PHCA and scheduled a consultation. They now accompany me to every medical appointment and keep records of all of my medical needs. I now feel very in control of my health care and prepared for any type of crisis that may occur in the future. Peace of Mind PHCA is helping me to be proactive about my health care and has served to empower an otherwise unaware patient.
Anonymous, AZ