Whether you are seeking help with a Crisis, Transition from Hospital to Home, Family Counseling, Assisted Living choices, or Evaluating Care needs, Peace of Mind PHCA can provide direction and resources to solve all your healthcare needs.

Are you overwhelmed and need direction with senior care for you or your loved one?
After an initial consultation and assessment with a Registered Nurse, a Peace of Mind PHCA healthcare advocate will help to establish goals, discuss options and create a plan to move forward together.

Do you or your loved one need transitional or long term care?
Peace of Mind PHCA can help by coordinating a continuity of care during the movement from one healthcare setting to another.

Are you out of state and have a senior family member in the Phoenix area that needs monitoring?
A Peace of Mind PHCA RN advocate will act as a surrogate family while monitoring care and attending to needs that may require addressing. Peace of Mind PHCA is at your side throughout your journey.

Are you looking for information about different options for senior care?
Peace of Mind PHCA has a close network with retirement communities, assisted living facilities, group homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and elder care facilities and will screen such living arrangement, present several options and support you in your decision.

For details on how to set up a time to discuss your individual needs, Contact Us.