Mary Jo Beardsley

Mary Jo Beardsley, RN, BSN

Mary Jo Beardsley, RN, BSN –  President, Founder

Peace of Mind PHCA, LLC was founded by Mary Jo Beardsley, RN, BSN whom serves as its president and sole owner. She has extensive training in healthcare advocacy and assisting others in navigating the systems. With 40 years in the industry and over 35 years practicing as a Registered Nurse in the healthcare business, Mary Jo has a plethora of knowledge and wisdom to share.

Mary Jo has a wide range of experience within the healthcare field including clinical nursing experience in the areas of pediatrics, obstetrics, medical/surgical, home health, employee/occupational health, community health and school nursing. In addition, she has served as community college clinical instructor, nursing skills lab manager, and medical nonprofit administrator. She has her current AZ state assisted living managers license and has developed, operated and managed a 10 bed group home in Paradise Valley AZ. Throughout the many years of practical experience and accumulated insight, Mary Jo was given the opportunity to understand how the medical system works and how it does not including the culture, the quirks, the strengths, and the weaknesses of the healthcare industry that pose as a struggle to serve patient’s daily needs; this is the information she wishes to convey to her clientele.

Mary Jo maintains a current Registered Nurse license in the state of AZ and holds a Bachelors Degree in nursing from the University of Northern Colorado with post graduate studies in counseling from the University of Phoenix. She is a member of the National League for Nurses, ADVOConnection, Alliance of Professional Health Advocates,  the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, Board of Visitors Auxiliary and Desert Foundation Auxiliary.

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Deb Cain

Deb Cain, RN

Deb Cain, RN – Care Coordinator

Deb Cain joined the Peace of Mind PHCA Team in 2015 as a Nurse Advocate. Her experience in navigating the HealthCare system is extensive. As a registered nurse for 25 years, she specialized in hand, eye and trauma surgery. She worked in the operating room and is proficient in communicating and navigating through a hospital setting with personnel at all levels.

After attending Augustana College and Lutheran School for Nurses Deb became a registered nurse in Illinois in 1973. Deb retired from formal nursing in 2000 to pursue a volunteer and philanthropic career. She held numerous leadership roles with community organizations, including Chairman of The Board of Visitors – the oldest charitable organization in Arizona – serving the healthcare needs of women, children and the elderly.

Deb’s experience also includes working directly in a MD’s private practice – specializing in pain management, insurance, and Medicare issues. She continued to use her wealth of knowledge building relationship with patients and solving their everyday issues. During this time, she advocated for four different family members over a 12 year span. When Deb became familiar with Peace of Mind’s mission, she was committed to joining the Team. Deb will advocate for client needs ranging from crisis management – transition from hospital to home, hospital discharge assistance, medication reconciliation, and additional healthcare challenges presented to Peace of Mind PHCA. Deb is an asset to Peace of Mind PHCA’s Team and her passion and knowledge for healthcare will benefit our client’s immensely.

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